Recall that visualizations require the FEBOLPlots.jl package. To install this package, you must call the following in Julia:


Once the package has been installed, you must include the statement using FEBOLPLots whenever using one of its functions. The most useful functions will be visualize and gif.

Visualize Function

The visualize function allows you to plot out several steps. A simple version can be called with

visualize(m, x, f, p, n_steps=10; pause_time=0.3)

where m is a SearchDomain, x is a Vehicle, f is a filter, and p is a policy.

A different version allows you to pass in SimUnit:

visualize(m::SearchDomain, su::SimUnit; pause_time=0.3)

Creating GIFs

gif(m, x, f, p, num_steps)
gif(m::SearchDomain, x::Vehicle, f::AbstractFilter, p::Policy, num_steps::Int=10, filename="out.gif"; seconds_per_step=0.5, show_mean=false, show_cov=false, show_path=false)